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Established in 1978, Vaughn & Company is a full service salon in the heart of the historic hamlet of Ghent in Bath Township, Ohio.  We occupy a lovingly refurbished old home on a hill, where the charm of yesteryear and thoroughly modern amenities combine to create an inviting yet stylish ambiance. We consider our clients as guests in our home and are always welcoming their return.


We are staffed by highly trained professionals dedicated to providing you with exceptional services. We utilize the finest Aveda products, created from pure plant and flower essences, while maintaining a harmonious relationship with our environment.


We invite you to experience our integrated system of artistic excellence.


Cheryl is the co-owner of Vaughn & Company Salon. She has been a managing licensed cosmetologist for over 40 years. Cheryl has a passion for making her guests feel great about themselves. Her co-workers are her inspiration. A random fact about Cheryl:  she loves to karaoke!


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Pat has been the

co-owner of  Vaughn & Company Salon for over 20 years. She is inspired by the talent of the staff. When Pat isn't at the salon, she enjoys gardening and remodeling.

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Narrissa has been a licensed advanced cosmetologist since 2013. She is inspired by viewing each client as a fresh canvas, working together with them to enhance their unique beauty. She enjoys watching movies and live bands. Narrissa and her husband enjoy traveling.

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Callee has been a managing licensed cosmetologist for 20+ years. She loves designing short styles and working with anyone dealing with hair loss from a medical condition. Her passion is having the ability to make someone's day.

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Melissa has been a managing licensed cosmetologist since 2000. Her favorite service is the Brazilian Blowout. Her inspiration comes from nature. Melissa loves wildlife and would one day like to obtain a wildlife license. She owns 3 chinchillas.

Ashlee has been a cosmetologist for over 10 years. She enjoys giving her clients unique and artistic hairstyles and keeping up with the latest trends. She is inspired by her children, nature and music. Ashlee enjoys live music  and music festivals!

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Kori has been a licensed esthetician for over 10 years. She loves to transform her clients looks with eyelash extensions. Kori's passion is photography, the ability to capture life's precious moments. Her inspiration comes from her family and nature. Kori owns 4 dogs.

Ariss is our receptionist and assistant. She  has been with Vaughn & Company since 2016. Her favorite service is shampooing clients. Ariss is inspired by her children & family and she loves cooking!

Alison is the receptionist for Vaughn & Company. She is the mother of two. Alison is an animal lover and enjoys traveling


Ellinor is our stylists' assistant & receptionist. A world traveler, she enjoys family, nature and healing arts.

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